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INSTRUMENT-SERVIS​​​​​​​ - Ukrainian diamond and CBN tools producer. The Company was founded in 1999 and today serves clients in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, and the USA.

Instrument-servis develops and produces diamond and CBN tools for metalworking, stoneworking, and scientific research.

The major applications of the tools are dressing, turning, drilling, grinding, burnishing, polishing, engraving, stone carving, micro-cutting, and gauging operations.

At the core of the production processes are proprietary technologies and developments which allow for customized manufacturing of:

✔ Limited, experimental batches;

✔ Tools with complex shapes of diamond working area;

✔ Tools with cutting edge tolerances +/- 1 μm and indenters with nm-tolerances;

✔ Complex shapes and profiles of integrally-sintered tools;

✔ Tools with diamond impregnation of internal and external surfaces of the parts.

Catalogs of products
Profile Diamond Dressers
7.25 MB,pdf
Diamond and PCBN Tools
13.82 MB,pdf
Каталог алмазного інструменту
3.62 MB,pdf
Каталог інструменту з камнеобробки
1.69 MB,pdf
Наше підприємство неодноразово отримувало замовлення на алмазний інструмент із застарілими вимогами
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